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Most Dope Seeds

We are a fast growing cannabis seed company in the Netherlands. The reason to start this cannabis seeds business is quite simple, there was no company that offered seeds with such high THC percentages as we do. We carry a number of weed strains that become classics, such as the NOVA OG, Big Bazooka and the Ghost Train Haze. Because of our direct lines with the USA, the seeds in our range are unique and we sell the latest varieties. A strong development of cannabis is currently taking place there.

We have the knowledge to offer high quality weed seeds at a good price. In our assortment we have feminised and auto-flowering seeds.

Although we focus on seeds with high THC levels, we have all kinds of Indica, Sativa and hybrid cannabis with an average THC content. Our cannabis seeds are all feminized, so you do not have to discover the male plant to remove them and you are assured of large, beautiful buds of female cannabis plants.

The NOVA OG, for example, has a percentage of 32% which is unprecedented in the Netherlands, we also have a selection of autoflowering seeds so you can harvest within 8 to 10 weeks with a good result.

The cannabis seeds are organically grown, selected manually and tested for germination and quality.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Most Dope Seeds Team