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Green Magic

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When Amsterdam Genetics introduced their new Green Magic, it didn’t take a long time at all until this indica found a large number of enthusiastic followers in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. No surprise there, seeing that this fabulous hybrid can impress with a superb mix of flavour notes as well as an intense and very relaxing indica buzz and some good growing qualities.


To make their Green Magic, the breeders of Amsterdam Genetics took a Green Manalishi and paired her with a White Choco. Out comes a wonderful well-rounded Indica-dominant hybrid that shines with a whole bunch of nice qualities. On the growing side of things, she brings good growing vigour and respectable yields to the table, and smokers will love her outstanding flavour profile and her very potent and highly enjoyable smoke. 

Green Magic got her name because of her wonderful light green flowers that she’ll proudly show when she grows. The plant itself, when you grow her indoors, will normally reach a height between 100-150cm which makes her a good choice for almost any size of tent or greenhouse. Outdoors, she will get a tad taller and can then reach a height of up to 250cm. Her tightly packed buds will be loaded with an abundance of very aromatic trichomes, giving the plant a wonderful intensive sweet scent. With a flowering time of only 8-9 weeks, she won’t demand too much patience from you when you grow her. Indoors in a typical setting under a 600W light you can look forward to good yields of as much as 550g/m² in optimal conditions. When you grow her outdoors, she can yield as much as 500g per plant.

The intensive scent of her flowers will possibly already be a hint at that smoking Green Magic is an extremely satisfying experience. Smoke her and enjoy a superb sweet taste that thanks to her White Choco parent has a fantastic chocolate note to it. You can also taste some subtle spicy notes and a nice sprinkle of mint on top that beautifully rounds-of this very tasty experience. Although she is an indica/sativa hybrid, her effect is clearly on the indica side. She makes for a powerful and very relaxing body buzz that can last for a long time. Her smoke is potent enough so that she isn't just a superb chill smoke that you may possibly enjoy best at night. She also has good medicinal potential and can be a good plant to grow if you want some first-grade medicine that can help you with the relief of pains, insomnia or eating disorders.


Green Magic by Amsterdam Genetics is a well-rounded indica that won’t disappoint no matter how you look at her. She delivers all that you’d expect from a first-grade indica, from her mouth-watering taste to her greatly-relaxing indica high.


Green Magic

Data sheet

Amsterdam Genetics
60% Indica/40% Sativa
Flowering time
8 - 9 weeks
Yield Indoor
450-550 Gr/m²
Height Indoor
100 - 150 cm
Yield Outdoor
400-500 Gr/Plant
Height Outdoor
150 - 250 cm

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