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Ayahuasca Purple

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Ayahuasca Purple is as extraordinary as its name. This 90-100cm short plant is so full of power, after a flowering time of only 55-65 days, yields of 650g/m² are absolutely achievable. Her beautiful appearance, purple buds and aromas of hazelnut and papaya are charming, but the true magic happens when smoking this potent weed. 21% THC and 1.4% CBD ensure for an intense sensation of relaxation.



We are not yet sure why Barney's Farm named this beautiful cannabis variety Ayahuasca Purple - it was created by crossing Master Kush (a plant with roots in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan and Pakistan) and Red River Delta (the Red River Delta is located in Vietnam and known for early hemp cultivation), so what in heavens name made them give it this mysterious name? Every guess would be a shot in the dark - so, we will have to wait till the insiders share the story behind the name-giving process.

Ayahuasca Purple displays typical traits of a pure Indica - the plant develops a strong stem and stable lateral branches populated by broad, lush green leaves. Overall, her structure is rather compact, with a maximum height of 90-100cm, when reared in the grow room. Another aspect of this strain attributed as "short" is its flowering time. In a controlled environment it should take her only 55-65 days to reach full maturity - outdoors, harvest time begins in late September.

This plant is sturdy and robust, but its productivity is so high, that its branches might need some kind of support later in blossom. Treated right, she will reward your tender love and care with a whopping 650g/m²! And as if that was not enough, she pumps a whole lot of cannabinoids into her reproductive organs. 21% of the harvest is pure THC and 1.4% CBD is nothing to scoff at. If you don't fall for her beautiful appearance and purple buds, you will for her taste and effect - hazelnut and papaya aromas herald a very relaxing sensation, that takes hold of both body and soul.

Ayahuasca Purple
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Data sheet

Barney's Farm
100% Indica
Flowering time
8- 9 week
Yield Indoor
650 g/m2
Height Indoor
90 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor
90 - 100 cm
Harvest Month
End September

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