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Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze is a brand-new addition to Amsterdam Genetics’ range of strains. A top-favourite in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid has a fresh herbal aroma with hints of citrus. Thanks to a THC content up to 25% of THC she delivers a powerful psychedelic head buzz and makes a fabulous daytime smoke!



Visit the coffee shops of Amsterdam and you will find that Amnesia Haze is one of the best-selling strains. Among the reasons for the strain’s popularity are her superb cerebral high - which is energetic and euphoric, and at times outright psychedelic - and her world-class flavour and aroma.

The delicately balanced genetics of Afghani Hawaiian, Laos and Jamaican stains make the backbone of Amnesia Haze. These top genetics have dominated the cannabis scene for thirty years now and not without good reasons. Amnesia Haze combines them into a truly extraordinary hybrid.

This wonder may not break records when it comes to her flowering time, given that she is mainly sativa (70%), but she will make up for it with many large buds that she produces in 9-10 weeks of flowering. Just by looking at the plant, you can already get an idea about her potency: Her heavy flowers are sparkling because they will be covered in crazy quantities of THC crystals.

Amnesia Haze by Amsterdam Genetics can measure up to as much as 25% THC, which ensures a very potent and fast-hitting effect. The energetic head buzz that she gives you is happy, uplifting, euphoric and can boarder psychedelic. This makes Amnesia Haze a superb smoke if you need some herbal help to get rid of stress. Likewise, she is just the perfect daytime smoke when a need a boost of motivation and inspiration - just be careful your mind isn't blown out fo your body.

But it’s not just the great cerebral effect of this beauty that makes her so popular. Her flavour and aroma are top class as well: she blends classic cannabis flavour notes such as floral, herbal and pine on top of undertones of citrus to give you a mouth-watering and super-satisfying smoke!

Amnesia Haze by Amsterdam Genetics is a sativa that will deliver spectacular cerebral highs and great flavour. If you haven’t tried her yet, grow her and you can experience this famous coffee shop favourite for yourself!

Amnesia Haze
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Data sheet

Amsterdam Genetics
70% Sativa – 30% Indica
Flowering time
9-10 Weeks

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