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Medical CBD Mix

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The Royal Queen Seeds Medical Mix offers a selection of CBD rich cannabis strains for those of you who are interested in its potential properties – all in one handy little packet. The 3 seed packet contains 1x Royal Highness, 1x Medical Mass, and 1x Dance World.



Although most strains of cannabis have tended to focus on THC content, the popularity of CBD rich strains has rapidly grown over the last few years. To ensure that no one misses out, Royal Queen Seeds have developed their own line of cannabis seeds packed full of CBD, all with their own unique tastes, aromas, growing traits, and content.

However, knowing which to pick can be quite tricky, so they have put together a handy feminized medical mix pack, offering a seed of each of their medical strain – so that those who want CBD can try them all and find their favourite.

The 3 seed pack includes:

1x Royal Highness – Royal highness is a sativa dominant queen with a potent punch. She has a CBD content of 12%, combined with a THC content of 14%.

1x Dance World – Dance World has been designed for CBD enthusiast that want a more uplifting and motivating effect. This sativa dominant hybrid creates a pleasantly spicy/fruity smoke, and has a CBD content of 11%, with a THC content of 12%.

1x Medical Mass – Medical mass has been designed for those who prefer the meltingly relaxing effects of an indica dominant strain. It has a CBD content of 11% and a THC content of 10%.

If you feel that you need a bit more CBD in your life, and are looking for that ideal THC/CBD balance, then Royal Queen Seeds’ Medical Mix has a lot to offer. Each and every one of these strains is a legend in their own right, and by having the selection, you can test them all out and find the one that best suits you.

Medical CBD Mix
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