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Strawberry Kush

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Buying the Strawberry Kush, this is a cross of an original Hindu Kush with a Strawberry Cough and convinces with very powerful buds that are hard as a rock and covered with huge layers of resin



Strawberry Kush is a crossing of an original Hindu Kush with a Strawberry and convinces with very potent buds that are hard like a rock and covered with massive resin layers. Strawberry Kush requires about 60 days flowering time indoors, outdoors she is ready for harvest in early October. She yields 550g per m² in the growrooms, outdoors you can expect about 600g per plant. She has a Kush typical, stunted growth with large, dark green leaves and gets fat, hard-hitting buds which are excellent for BHO or hashish production.

The aroma is very sweet and extremely fruity like strawberries with a strong lemon note. Strawberry Kush has very relaxing, hard hitting indica effects, which lets you calm down for hours.

Growing Strawberry Kush

Its important that she gets enough light during the growth period. She is a perfect plant for trimming and pruning and will get extremely bushy with this techniques. This variety shows the best results when grown hydroponical or airoponical but is a perfect strain for soil and organic growing too. Indoors this strain reaches medium height. Strawberry Kush can be cultivated indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors. She always shows the best results. It is an easy to grow strain which is also suitable for beginners.

Medical Use

She is an excellent medical grade and has proven in the treatment of ADHD, anorexia, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain and MS. A versatile and highly effective medicinal plant with excellent properties.

Strawberry Kush

Data sheet

Mostly Indica
Flowering time
8 - 9 Weeks
3.2 %
Yield Indoor
550 gr / m2
Height Indoor
100-150 cm
Yield Outdoor
600 gr / pl
Height Outdoor
250 - 400 cm
Harvest Month
end october

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