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Hybrid Seeds - Crosses between sativa and indica cannabis plants

Hybrid Seeds

The hybrid seeds are crosses between sativa and indica cannabis plants. These are often unique strains and often contain the best properties of both types with high THC.


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Nova OG
Nova OG is said to be the most powerful cannabis strain ever and might be the highest THC (32%)...
€22.50 Price
Amesia Flash
The Amensia flash is a strong weed plant with a very high percentage of THC with very generous...
€27.95 Price
Chem Dog
The Chem Dog is a legendary Cannabis plant with high yield and strong effect.
€29.95 Price
True Gold OG
A crazy hybrid indica dominant cannabis strain with buds like gold nuggets and a thc percentage...
€29.95 Price
The Iceberg is a unique weed strain with good yield and strong effects, the buds are full of...
€29.95 Price
Banana Kush
The Banana Kush is currently one of the strongest weed strains on the planet, which is regularly...
€32.50 Price
Mob Boss
The Mob Boss weed is still rare, contains a lot of resin, is very potent with high THC of about...
€28.95 Price
Gelato Dream
The Gelato Dream is a unique weed sativa dominant strain with delicious taste, strong effect and...
€32.50 Price
Banana MAC
Here you can buy the amazing banana mac cannabis seeds from Anesia Seeds, a delicious taste and...
€31.50 Price